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Anaconda (x) v. The Big Comfy Couch (x

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infinite list of talented women: issa rae

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Bianca Lawson in Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997) and Teen Wolf (2012).


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NEWSFLASH for Keke Palmer and Pharrell Williams and any other #newBlack celeb desperate to appease their White fan base: you do NOT get to invoke Martin Luther King Jr or “people are people" or humanism when you cannot even manage to utter simple words like “police brutality” or “racial profiling” or “structural racism” or even the word racism…and that is telling: they will speak vaguely or broadly on contemporary racial issues, but their solution is to ignore the root problem and berate anyone else who won’t join them in sticking their heads in the sand

And ProTip: Dr. King’s dream came true? I bet his dream wasn’t for anyone to patronizingly talk down to Black people who are mourning and/or justifiably protesting a torrent of racially motivated executions of UNARMED Black people like Trayvon Martin, Renisha McBride, Jonathan Ferrall, Eric Garner, Michael Brown , etc etc etc. MLKjr’s dream was for not only racial justice, but also economic justice and fairness in the criminal justice system, and so much more…does anyone seriously believe we’ve attained that?

Any Black celeb with high visibility and a national platform, who’s solution to racial profiling is “we all bleed red” is failing down on the job and failing Michael Brown and shouldn’t even be allowed to say his name, let alone Martin Luther King’s

I dare anyone to tell me how a “Kumbaya, be happy, we’re all just human, positive attitude” would have saved the lives of Trayvon Martin, Jonathan Ferrell, Renisha McBride, or Michael Brown—especially when they were racially profiled and confronted by ARMED white men simply for being Black

Here’s a final quote that seems highly apropos:

There are Negroes who will never fight for freedom. There are Negroes who will seek profit for themselves alone from the struggle. There are even some Negroes who will cooperate with their oppressors. These facts should distress no one. Every minority and every people has its share of opportunists, profiteers, free-loaders and escapists.

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